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Language Direct is a leading interpreting and translation company founded in May 2001 and based in East London but provides interpreting services in London and world-wide.

We have an established reputation in the provision of professional language services throughout the UK via an extensive network of language professionals with experience in government and public institution services. From official government document translations to a personal BSL / American sign interpreter for the deaf or hearing impaired, we can cover all your needs. Our translators in London come from various parts of the world.

Our certified and qualified translators and interpreters have the experience to help you understand the most complicated text or conversation.

We have a list of thousands of linguists on file so that your needs can be best matched to the most qualified provider to translate or interpret any document or conversation.

The main focus of our language agency is to provide a customer oriented service which places great emphasis on quality. As a result of this approach, we have been awarded a number of contracts in the public sector. We will ensure you always receive the highest professional service from skilled and impartial linguists.

Language Direct can meet and/or exceed the expectations of the requirements of our clients as a result of the following:

Significant and relevant experience of providing the required services

Soundly based and soundly managed company and largely through its commitment to customer focused policy has enjoyed continuing growth in turnover generally year on year.

“Local demand and local supply” policy with almost all areas of the UK covered. We provide interpreting to all localities and provide extensive geographical coverage

A careful recruitment policy and practices and commitment to training at all levels complemented with ongoing training and development

Practical commitment to the achievement of the required quality standards

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